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DongGuan BoLan Molds Co.,Ltd.

Focus on the production of zinc aluminum alloy die-casting moldDifferent shapes can be produced according to customer's requirements

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With professional production equipment, reliable quality
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Specializing in die-casting customization and supporting solutions Provide higher value for your business
Production advantage
The strength of the company, to create high-end zinc alloy die castings

BoLan molds is a professional production of Aluminum Alloy zinc die-casting mold and other products manufacturers, has many years of production experience;

In the factory, there are many die-casting machines such as grinding machine, milling machine, spark machine, wire cutting, CNC machining center and so on;

Mold life is long: the use of imported 8407 steel, to ensure the accuracy of the die and service life, the mold can reach more than 500 thousand times;

Quality advantage
Through qualification certification, product performance is stable, reliable

Strictly abide by the ISO quality management system , the processing flow, interlocking, to ensure that each link has strict quality control, and access to national certification;

From the product opening evaluation, manufacturing process, production process, post process processing, surface treatment, and so on, each step strictly controls the quality requirements and produces at the most effective cost;

Unique technology
Unique core technology, quality is more secure

High precision alloy die castings can control tolerances +-0.02;

Controlled sand free hole, self support surface treatment department, without external processing , product surface treatment using high-quality materials, so that product gloss, three-dimensional sense of super;

The density of the die finished products is even, the product is not easy to break, deformation and quality is stable. ;

Service advantage
Quality assured products, so you worry free!

After sale products, free maintenance, in the process of using the product of adverse problems, feedback after the rapid processing, and free re processing for customers;

Delivery car 24 hours at any time, free delivery to the door, the whole process of integration of goods tracking.

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Excellent technology, extraordinary process, save 30% costWe focus on the mold opening and production of zinc aluminum alloy die casting die
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